F. Bazadeh

Millions of thanks and appreciation to Mahtab Kamoosi & Ashkan Zahabai for helping us finding a premium location here in San Diego. Not ONLY because they were so patient to explain every detail to us (As we were first time buyers and had NO freaking idea of the whole process), but also for their responsiveness. Anytime I / my wife called, they replied fast.
Teaming with her husband, they make a very good COMBO. Sean Zahabi (his stage name) is a very professional dude, in financing, tax, and whatever you can imagine.
Remember the TV series "Better call Saul!"?
I would say in SoCal it would be "Better call SEAN!"
The husband and wife used all of their magics and saved us $16000. Yes True! Email me and I will explain how!
Many thanks to the both!


M. Felfeli

My wife and I have had our tax returns prepared by A2Z Tax Financial Service and Mr. Ashkan Zahabi for a bout 5 years now, and the results are consistently good despite our complex tax situation. He and his group worked on our tax documents and prepared all our statements related to our property in another state and our income in CA with having minimum deductible. I would recommend him for anyone who lives in CA and has complex tax returns or living overseas/enter to US recently and needs tax returned prepared or any tax advice.